Tuesday, November 12, 2013

There is Nothing and Nowhere to Hide

The world wants to make it easy for us to run and hide under the sheets, its easy to give up. It is too easy for people to make choices that aspire to shut down other's visions, missions and passions. However it is also as simple as making the choice to let them, to let them walk all over you and talk behind your back but it is just easy to make the choice to stand up and to make yourself heard. You have support, your friends and others who believe in the same vision, you're not the only one that sees it.

It is easy to make the choice to do what you were meant to do, to bring the good to those who are willing to learn, thrive and to grow with you. They can cut off the water source but there will always be rain. So what I am trying to say is this, stand up, do what you have to do and never listen to those who say you can't do it. Their words makes you want to do one of two things: A. Give up, B. Do it even better and make them watch.

Be strong, and two more things: There is nothing and nowhere to hide. Making things is never a waste of time.

All the best,
Sami Lee

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