Sunday, February 19, 2012

Larger than Life

Here is my strawberry sculpture in progress!
Medium: Pink foam, epoxy, acrylic paint

This piece speaks about the personal interpretation and abstract definition of perfection. Each slice can be interpreted in many ways when seen alone, they look like land masses, slabs of meat or can clearly be seen as a slices of strawberries. Society has its own view of perfection and force the overall public to believe in this ideal. Humanity has this obsession with bringing perfection to everything in which we interact down to the last detail of how a box of strawberries is organized. The ones that are the closest to society's idea of what a strawberry should look like are on top and underneath are the strawberries that have natural deformations and "flaws." However I am trying to redefine the general definition of perfection by showing the beauty in what was seen as flaws, there is beauty in the unique and natural characteristics of the individual. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chocolate birds and Catherine Murphy

Bird Sculpture in progress: 
(final photos coming soon!)

Chocolate casts in fridge. :D
Plaster casts

In progress life painting inspired by Catherine Murphy's work:
30x40 inches

Catherine Murphy has an interesting approach to figures, it is far different from her still lives. There is still a sense of naturalness of the scene as if you walked into a room and that is how it was meant to be. Her compositions are natural and abnormal at the same time, it has a sense of daily expected events and every day objects but the way she presents these objects makes you look twice and harder the second time to appreciate the extreme detail in her paint application as well as the overall atmosphere of the painting which creates an environment.

30x40 inches, Oil

Wednesday, February 1, 2012