Monday, April 30, 2012

Orange: Intermediate Painting #1

This is my first painting for Intermediate, start of my first series! 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Laser Cutter practice: Pyramdial Abstract form

Hey Everyone! This is the design and build of my practice serial slicing project. It kind of looks like an abstract architectural form, this would be an awesome building.

Here is the original form in maya shown in solid and line view. I created several pyramids and "boolean union"ed them together to create one cohesive shape. 
Form in Maya
Next I divided the structure up into many slices using a Rhino plug in called Grasshopper. The red lines show the slices that the laser will read later to cut into the material so the pieces can be stacked to create a 3 dimensional object.
Form with serial slices shown
Here are the slices organized and ready to be laser cut. The magenta edges indicate an outer cut, blue an innercut and red is text which is rastered in rather than cut all the way through.


Here is the practice stack of the structure, Looks good-time to glue!
Practice Stack

 I glued and clamped the structure in three increments so it would dry neatly.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Orange (in Progress)

Hey everyone!
Here is my first painting this quarter for Intermediate Painting, beginning of my first official series! Still working on the written proposal. This is before critique, still have some things to fix but it is coming along!
Sami Lee
In progress underpainting with some classmate's work in the background.


In progress.

Julie Anne Miller painting.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Milling Project 1

Hey everyone!
Here is the start of my milling project for my Digital applications for sculpture class. We are mostly utilizing the program called Rhino, a 3D modeling program.

I took a wood texture image into photoshop and applied a cut out filter and a gozian blur.
Manipulated in photoshop
Live trace in illustrator
Image in Rhino
 I didn't end up using this method but it still looks awesome.
Hatches and Curves
  Imported as a jpg I imported it under the command "Heightfield" where I could create a three dimensional surface based on the values of the image. I projected the outside curve to the cplane, created a plane and lofted the side curves of the plane and the texture in order to create a solid.

Final file, ready for milling!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sweet sweet sour

Here is some work from Sculpture 115, soft materials class with Professer Andrew F. Scott. These are installed in the Boundary Hall Gallery space.

Emily Nelms- Bird (on left), Sami Lee Woolhiser- Bird (on right)

Black Man Grove: A.F. Scott

Prof Scott's installation piece for Amplify Action 2012. Helped him assemble some pieces before the show.

Monster! Actually just nose and mouth unfinished.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Running in circles

So many ideas but so lost, I just don't know where to start. I want to live a higher life than I am now, create art that can change the way people see the world and then therefore the way they act. However I know my purpose is higher than that, I want to help people. How and who I do not know yet, my opportunity is out there.

Here is a concept I am working on:

I am interested in addressing the idea of the collective and the way it is so malleable and molded by the power of so many influences. Ultimately I want to help people, change the way they see the world and therefore the way they behave in reaction to the world. We are manipulated by politics and advertising making us, the collective, feel the need to obtain unnecessary things, want things only a few will ever really have or even the chance to achieve and obtain such coveted positions in society, material possessions, attention and so on. Through tactile non-objective Multimedia works I will show how levels of this process and how we as a people can evolve beyond our current state of want, greed and selfishness to reach a place which I feel we are capable of achieving.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Realist Painting

 Here are my 3 paintings produced in Realist Painting last quarter where I studied the work of Catherine Murphy where I attempted to channel her concepts through my paintings.

"Adam" 30''x40''

"Bag and Scissors" 18''x24''

"Lunchbox" 18''x24"

Sunday, April 1, 2012

3D Scanner Bird

In my awesome Digital Applications in Sculpture class I have the chance to learn and utilize 3D modeling programs, the laser scanner, laser printer, milling machine and 3D printer. So many amazing skill sets. 
Here are my first 3D scans into scan studio in which I aligned the images, trimmed and fused them to create a solid digital 3D form.
First Scan

First scan

Aligning multiple scan families

Second scan

Trimming extra segments