Friday, April 20, 2012

Milling Project 1

Hey everyone!
Here is the start of my milling project for my Digital applications for sculpture class. We are mostly utilizing the program called Rhino, a 3D modeling program.

I took a wood texture image into photoshop and applied a cut out filter and a gozian blur.
Manipulated in photoshop
Live trace in illustrator
Image in Rhino
 I didn't end up using this method but it still looks awesome.
Hatches and Curves
  Imported as a jpg I imported it under the command "Heightfield" where I could create a three dimensional surface based on the values of the image. I projected the outside curve to the cplane, created a plane and lofted the side curves of the plane and the texture in order to create a solid.

Final file, ready for milling!

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