Wednesday, July 18, 2012

There is Nothing and Nowhere to Hide

Hey everyone!

Working on a little something here.  My new motto: "There is Nothing and Nowhere to Hide."
I believe in honest paintings, what I mean is that there is truth and meaning in the concept, content and process.  Here is a practice press release I wrote for Marianne Kolb at my internship.  To be honest you have to see her paintings in person to truly appreciate her work. It has an incredible tactile quality of texture and gloss. Here you go: 

Marianne Kolb’s figurative works present her individual interpretation of the world. It is through the act of creating that she finds significance, purpose and reality in her surroundings. Kolb’s passionate and intense process is a rapid progression through an additive and subtractive method. She builds up the piece through layers of panel, canvas, newsprint and water-based paint all encapsulated within a glossy varnish. High color and value contrast between the foreground and the background add to the boldness of her compositions. The tactile quality and physical elements build on the presence of the work where the form and contours of the figure and the environment blend and overlap in layers of raw texture.
These works have an intense gravitational pull that draws the audience in for a personal experience. The creation of her work is a conversation where the meaning and story of the work gives and takes, coming in and out, back and forth. Her eye for color, shape, light and texture translate subconsciously as she paints allowing her to focus on meaning as well as acting and reacting to the process. In the presence of her work everything is exposed, every emotion and every thought. These are wonderfully honest paintings; there is nothing and nowhere to hide.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Studio Madness

I have had no time to work on my own art this summer between my internship at Hespe Gallery in SF and a start up company in Cupertino called ZeroUI, (more on ZeroUI to come).

Finally I had (almost) a whole day to myself in the studio and I like what's coming out. I'm doing a little of gearing up for my landscape class in Lacoste, France this fall. (Going for 2 1/2 months!) Also a little style and concept development. Like every other artist I'm sure I am struggling to discover what I am about and what I want to say. I try and take advice and be inspired by what and who I see, but I just like so much. All kinds of art: the traditional, the modern, the contemporary... Well bare with me guys, I'm getting there.

My studio space:

Messy but productive!

Friday, July 13, 2012


Here are some pics of the gallery that we are renting out temporarily in addition to Hespe Gallery's original space. High ceilings and natural light, I would die if this was my studio space. It makes these Eric Zener and Kim Cogan paintings look AWESOME!


Here is a bit of the show in the main space upstairs. This is a young artist by the name of Amberlee Rosolowich, her mom worked at a zoo so she grew up around animals. Her work is about these relationships where the animals take on a friend and protector role.
As a young artist myself I find her work inspiring. I love her technique, style and subject matter. Check it out! The show is up till the end of the month.

My Favorite!