Monday, July 16, 2012

Studio Madness

I have had no time to work on my own art this summer between my internship at Hespe Gallery in SF and a start up company in Cupertino called ZeroUI, (more on ZeroUI to come).

Finally I had (almost) a whole day to myself in the studio and I like what's coming out. I'm doing a little of gearing up for my landscape class in Lacoste, France this fall. (Going for 2 1/2 months!) Also a little style and concept development. Like every other artist I'm sure I am struggling to discover what I am about and what I want to say. I try and take advice and be inspired by what and who I see, but I just like so much. All kinds of art: the traditional, the modern, the contemporary... Well bare with me guys, I'm getting there.

My studio space:

Messy but productive!

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