Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Since I do not have a painting class this quarter I have been allowing myself to explore and experiment on in my work. I have been returning to and reworking some of my previous pieces, a few of which have new identities. We shall see where it takes us. I may introduce a more limited palette into my practice.
Here are some sneak peek detail shots.

Monday, January 21, 2013

4D design: Fog (In Progress)

Hey everyone! 

I've been busy working on my first installation for a class called 4D design, a time based installation class. This is an awesome class to be taking because it is pushing me to work with technologies such as film and projectors, mediums that are not common in my work. 

First I drew the patterns from Paper Models of Polyhedra at “http://www.korthalsaltes.com/index.html” and designed the pieces in Illustrator.  It was crucial to label and layer the parts correctly so that they would transfer into Rhino correctly. In Rhino I had to make sure that each line segment was transferred into curves, delete any duplicates, and make sure that the file is “clean”. These steps require much attention to detail; unfortunately I hit many road bumps during the process of working these files transferring them from pdf to illustrator to dxf to 3dm back into dxf. Thanks to the postponed deadline I was able to accomplish what I originally imagined with the 3D projection surfaces!

A few of the 3D forms/projection surfaces
The file for this piece was broken, as you can see there are no perforated lines.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Here is a sneak peek of some new images of my interactive installation, Passage. These were taken by the wonderful photographer Matt King.

Friday, January 4, 2013


Roussillon was one of the most beautiful landscapes France has to offer, its red earth reminded me greatly of Arizona. I based my final landscape painting on this incredible place. Here they used to (and still do) mine pigments from the earth, 80% of which is actually sand that has to be sifted out. The pigment is filtered out and made into bricks, some which are baked to change the hue to a darker red. These bricks are ground into a powder which can be made into paints.
Here is a sample of the landscape and my painting.

"Storm over Roussillon" 80x100cm, oil on canvas (before crop)
I recently had the opportunity to visit the studio of Greg Kondos, an amazing California landscape painter. This visit also included a critique, one of the best I have ever had in my life. He was brutal and honest. Here is one suggestion he made: to crop this landscape of Roussillon. I know he thinks he was hard on me taken my age and gender but it was a critique I took to heart and with a grain of salt.

"Storm over Roussillon" (after crop) 

Kolb featured in New American Paintings

On the plane to Savannah I was reading my copy of New American Paintings #103 (Pacific coast) and was pleasantly surprised to find, one of my favorite artists, Marianne Kolb to be among the winners selected for this publication. Kolb is represented by Hespe Gallery in San Francisco, where I interned last summer. I am intrigued by her work because of the care, craftsmanship and simple beauty of the forms and textures she manages to achieve in her surfaces. Her work is for a slightly more conceptual and mature palette and her work can be interpreted darkly at first especially from digital reproductions. Take it from me folks, seeing her work in person is incredible!

Here is an article from American Chronicle about her work. http://amchron.soundenterprises.net/articles/view/43688