Monday, January 21, 2013

4D design: Fog (In Progress)

Hey everyone! 

I've been busy working on my first installation for a class called 4D design, a time based installation class. This is an awesome class to be taking because it is pushing me to work with technologies such as film and projectors, mediums that are not common in my work. 

First I drew the patterns from Paper Models of Polyhedra at “” and designed the pieces in Illustrator.  It was crucial to label and layer the parts correctly so that they would transfer into Rhino correctly. In Rhino I had to make sure that each line segment was transferred into curves, delete any duplicates, and make sure that the file is “clean”. These steps require much attention to detail; unfortunately I hit many road bumps during the process of working these files transferring them from pdf to illustrator to dxf to 3dm back into dxf. Thanks to the postponed deadline I was able to accomplish what I originally imagined with the 3D projection surfaces!

A few of the 3D forms/projection surfaces
The file for this piece was broken, as you can see there are no perforated lines.

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