Thursday, February 28, 2013

'Install': A Weekend of Installations

'Install': A Weekend of Installations is a show of work by the Sculpture Installation and Design III: Time based media installation classes.

'Install' seeks to explore connections between interactive multi-media works and their environment. The history behind Habersham Hall will be a springboard for the space in which these installations will take place. Beginning Friday, March 8 at 7 p.m. with work from SCAD's Sculpture Installation Art class and ending Saturday, March 9 at 7 p.m. with the installations of Design III: Time class, Install offers show-goers the opportunity for intuitive thought inspired by the mixed media creations of university students.

Friday March 8 at 7-9:00 (Installation art)
Saturday, March 9 at 7-9:00 (Design III: Time)

Refreshments will be provided

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The River

I have seem several Christo and Jean-Claude sculptures in contemporary art museums in Europe, however I have not had the opportunity to see one of their public, ephemeral installations. However an opportunity has arisen, in August 2015 for two weeks there will be a work displayed over the Arkansas River in Colorado. It will span over 42 miles between Canon City and Salida. A silvery shimmery fabric that reflects the colors of the sky, the earth, the water and the ever changing light. Wow.

Jean-Claude passed away in 2009 though the planning of this work began in 1992. I find their work incredible, funded completely by the sales of Christo's original works. The artists wanted to be free of grants, producers and boundaries, a goal achieved by funding the work entirely by themselves.

Drawing, 1992

Christo, Jeanne-Claude and their team at work in the Arkansas River valley, Colorado, August 2000 
Photo: Wolfgang Volz 

Monday, February 25, 2013


I'd like to give a big thank you to Matt King, a wonderful photographer who documented this work last fall when it was installed in Lacoste, France.

98 x 75 x 96 inches
Fabric, Acrylic, Pigment, Wood

This piece is an interactive work through which the audience may walk. It stands approximately 98 inches tall from the floor up and 75 inches wide, the sculpture stretches to 96 inches long. A tall man can stand inside of the piece comfortably and young children can run through the layers playfully.
Materially it is made of wood, cotton sheets, acrylic and pigment. The sheets were stained in buckets of acrylic paint and a synthetic blue pigment that I discovered in while in France.
This work deals with issues of space and landscape reflecting the vast skies through the blue gradient and the spaces between the sheets. It also emphases cave-like forms in the layers and negative contours removed from the fabric allowing the work to have an airy and determined structure.
It is reminiscent of a child like memory of running through the laundry hung to dry as well as having a feminist touch through the materials and wavy forms created by the drapery. Passing through this womb-like tunnel the work allows a different emotional response by walking from blue to white than when experiencing the work from white to blue. Inside one feels safe from the outside world because the layers block the peripheral vision from seeing beyond the work.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mr. Jobs

Growing up in the Silicon Valley Steve Jobs was a constant inspiration, idol and local hero. The day he died I was inundated with text messages and phone calls, I had to take several minutes to contemplate his impact on the technology industry, my home town and my life personally.

Happy Birthday Mr. Jobs!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Self Study

Just a super quick study.


There are some incredible events, lectures and exhibitions this week put on by deFINE ART. I had the chance to hear Jack Whitten speak last night. Wow, that was incredible. It was rich in history, he spoke with passion and experience.
Tonight I went to wonderful Professional Practices discussion panel with three incredible artists.
One of which was Angel Otero who has an incredible show up at the SCAD Museum right now! These paintings use an incredible technique and have wonderful materiality that must be experienced in person. So if you are in Savannah and haven't seen them, go.
I have also fallen in love with Ingrid Calame, a born New Yorker who now works in Los Angeles. She was a wonderful speaker who went on many tangents that were just wonderful and fulfilling. I found what she had to say the most interesting which is probably due to her experience and intense personality. I am always shy when it comes to approaching an artist after a lecture but I built up the courage to say a few words to her tonight.

Here are just a few images of their work:

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Local Color: SCAD Painting Club

Local Color is a SCAD student organization of the School of Fine Arts department.
Let's organize shows together, go gallery hopping, visit museums and artist studios, have workshops, painting excursions and more! 
Find us on Facebook and Blogger. 

Advisors: Laura Mosquera
President: Sami Lee Woolhiser
Vice President: Mizuki Katakura
Treasurer: Ji Young Kim
Secretary: Ann Haley

ICC Liaison Officer and additional Publicity Officers wanted!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Monday, February 11, 2013

Lossen my worries

Just sketching from some oil studies by Eric Bowman, an amazing painter who was just featured on my favorite blog!

I've been dealing with some heavy news lately. Two people that I knew have left our world in the past week or so, I have kind of lost track of the days since. One I knew since kindergarden and graduated from high school with, and the other taught me how to make fake blood on a film set just a year ago. I have been lucky so far, not having truly lost anyone close. But lives are taken so easily, we must strive to appreciate who we have in ours now.
Drawing always helps me. Painting is an excellent "cure" for difficult times, it helps me deal with whatever issues are on hand. I am able to work through my thoughts and feed them into the work. Sometimes it is beautiful and sometimes its not.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dancing in the rain!

Trying to keep my brush moving this quarter though I have been consumed in my installation class, library books and research.


Beginning with an Acrylic Underpainting 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Lee Krasner

I have recently been conducting research on Lee Krasner for my 20th Century research paper, her work and story are very compelling. I think that she will be influencing my process in the near future.