Monday, February 11, 2013

Lossen my worries

Just sketching from some oil studies by Eric Bowman, an amazing painter who was just featured on my favorite blog!

I've been dealing with some heavy news lately. Two people that I knew have left our world in the past week or so, I have kind of lost track of the days since. One I knew since kindergarden and graduated from high school with, and the other taught me how to make fake blood on a film set just a year ago. I have been lucky so far, not having truly lost anyone close. But lives are taken so easily, we must strive to appreciate who we have in ours now.
Drawing always helps me. Painting is an excellent "cure" for difficult times, it helps me deal with whatever issues are on hand. I am able to work through my thoughts and feed them into the work. Sometimes it is beautiful and sometimes its not.

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