Wednesday, February 20, 2013


There are some incredible events, lectures and exhibitions this week put on by deFINE ART. I had the chance to hear Jack Whitten speak last night. Wow, that was incredible. It was rich in history, he spoke with passion and experience.
Tonight I went to wonderful Professional Practices discussion panel with three incredible artists.
One of which was Angel Otero who has an incredible show up at the SCAD Museum right now! These paintings use an incredible technique and have wonderful materiality that must be experienced in person. So if you are in Savannah and haven't seen them, go.
I have also fallen in love with Ingrid Calame, a born New Yorker who now works in Los Angeles. She was a wonderful speaker who went on many tangents that were just wonderful and fulfilling. I found what she had to say the most interesting which is probably due to her experience and intense personality. I am always shy when it comes to approaching an artist after a lecture but I built up the courage to say a few words to her tonight.

Here are just a few images of their work:

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