Sunday, April 8, 2012

Running in circles

So many ideas but so lost, I just don't know where to start. I want to live a higher life than I am now, create art that can change the way people see the world and then therefore the way they act. However I know my purpose is higher than that, I want to help people. How and who I do not know yet, my opportunity is out there.

Here is a concept I am working on:

I am interested in addressing the idea of the collective and the way it is so malleable and molded by the power of so many influences. Ultimately I want to help people, change the way they see the world and therefore the way they behave in reaction to the world. We are manipulated by politics and advertising making us, the collective, feel the need to obtain unnecessary things, want things only a few will ever really have or even the chance to achieve and obtain such coveted positions in society, material possessions, attention and so on. Through tactile non-objective Multimedia works I will show how levels of this process and how we as a people can evolve beyond our current state of want, greed and selfishness to reach a place which I feel we are capable of achieving.

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