Sunday, November 3, 2013

Omnibus looking back

Wow folks, 

It has been quite a quarter so far and it still isn't over!! This past weekend Local Color: SCAD Painting Club and Sculpture Forum hosted an exhibition of works all across the board. It was an incredible collaboration. 

Designed by Ji Young Kim

Thank you to Todd Schroeder and Jerome Meadows for being our guest jurors for the show, we were honored to have you! 

Congratulations to Ann Haley for winning the "Best of Show" for Painting!

Ann Haley

Congratulations to Kristen Crouch for winning the "Best of Show" for Sculpture! 

Kristen Crouch, "Epiphany"

Our runner-ups each receive an "Honorable Mention" for their works as well! 
Mirielle Jefferson- "Photoshopped 1, 2 and 3"
Mitch Biggio- "Untitled 2"
Tyler Giordano 

Also a big thank you to both BB Wolf and to the Rivals for performing at our opening! 

The Rivals

Thank you Special Effects and Visual Effects Artist Eddie Holecko for demonstrating some of your movie magic!

Eddie Holecko

One more, Thank you to everyone who made this show possible! Especially to Mizuki Katakura, Tyler Giordano, Mirielle Jefferson, Jordan Acosta, Ann Haley, Mitchel Biggio and Ben Kramer. 

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