Friday, November 22, 2013

Grace is only an illusion here

To be honest, I barely made it through this quarter. It was full of wonderful things and difficult obstacles. Yet I survived.

I had my first solo exhibition this quarter through De Soto Row's Fellowship Exhibition program.

I am the President of Local Color, a painting club at SCAD. We hosted a collaborative show with the Sculpture Forum, Omnibus. Live music and over 40 works of art! Local Color volunteered at the SCAD Museum of Art for Family Day as well as Ex Libris for their Faculty and Student Appreciation Day. Local Color also collaborated with the Drawing Club to bring David Kassan to Savannah!

I am an officer in the Sculpture Forum. I had a giant pumpkin land on me and smash into a thousand pieces, covered in pumpkin guts and wet paint we still managed to crank out Cinderella's carriage for a commission for Disney on Ice. We also had the pleasure of a studio visit with local sculptor and gallery owner, Jerome Meadows.

I landed one of the best jobs in the world! A work study program as a Shop Monitor in the Sculpture Building. I also have the pleasure of representing the School of Fine Arts for the United Student Forum.

My time here at SCAD has been productive and definitely not easy. Only six months till graduation, we can do it! Here is some work from this quarter:

Aerial White, Mixed Media on Canvas, 50"x30", 2013

Aerial Black, Mixed Media on Canvas, 50"x30", 2013

Figure 1, 30"x30", Ink on Canvas, 2013

Aerial Study 5, Mixed Media on Paper, 2013

Aerial View I

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