Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Student Exhibitions

Alongside my art making practice I have discovered a love for curating. This is not only a love for putting together shows and stitching together works from a variety of artists, it stems from a love for people and seeing them succeed and to present them in the best light and most creative way possible. Here is a flashback to some of the group exhibitions I had a hand in planning. In my last two years at SCAD I contributed to or lead in curating 8 student exhibitions.

Thank you to all who ever contributed and helped me through these endeavors, particularly my incredible partner Kevin Lee Jr., the exquisite Mizuki Katakura, the outspoken Kristen Crouch and the very talented Charles Schaefer.

Fall 2012: SCAD Lacoste Vernissage
Hepler-Smith and I were honored to be selected to be the two Vernissage Painting Representatives.

Spring 2013: Dimension, a 2D, 3D and 4D exhibition of paintings, sculptures, installations, film, fashion and sound.

Fall 2013: Omnibus

Winter 2014: Ephemera

Spring 2014: The Foundry Show, an exhibition of bronze works.

Spring 2014: Goodbye Boundary, a sculpture exhibition of SCAD students, alumni and faculty.

Spring 2014: The Sketchbook Show, a Local Color: Painting Club exhibition.

Spring 2014: Nefelibata, an emerging artist exhibition.

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