Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Grow Stuff

Lately I have been reading several articles on the definition of art, art theory and aesthetics. It is full of art jargon and labels. Words that don't actually matter, defining something, the need to be exactly sure what is and what isn't art. I feel that the Sentifact Theory is valid and I personally cannot come up with any particular counter example. However it is the discussion and debate over these terms that I find exhausting, what is art, what is the art world? Why does this matter anyways? 

Overall I have had a shift mentally in knowing what I want to make and what I like and how that affects what I do. Here are just a few things that I know I care about, not that you care that I care about them, but if you didn't then maybe you wouldn't be reading this...

The outdoors, making things and teaching.
Check out this wonderful page on facebook called Green Renaissance, I have found some wonderful inspirations from here! 

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