Wednesday, September 24, 2014

From Air to Canvas

So this post is for Kristen Crouch! My A-team/ dream studio bud! While I was editing some of the photos from my flight this past weekend I had some hick-ups in Photoshop, these images are the results. Made me think of you Kris.

My favorite one. Maybe I'll make a print!
Anyways, here are more of me actually doing what I was trying to do in the first place...

I am not ashamed to say I paint from photographs. Not just because it would be very difficult to paint something in a moving plane. Humanity takes photographs so literally, people believe that that image is a representation of something true that actually existed at one point in time and that it captured a moment that is otherwise intangible. This is true and it is false, the light that was interpreted by the camera did filter through the lens (or however that works) but it is also not the actual thing. Anyways I work from these images and interpret them in my paintings through my color palette and mark making, to me everything and all experiences are translations of actual existence. So it goes.

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