Friday, March 7, 2014

Action Verbs to Relate to One's Self

To slip, to slide, to hold, to stand, to move, to breathe, to reflect, to savor, to perceive, to sense, to notice, to expel, to absorb, to give, to receive, to listen, to search, to study, to endure, to maintain, to fumble, to grasp, to perceive, to sustain, to withstand, to abide, to persist, to frame, to construct, to shape, to form, to forge, to foster, to develop, to traverse, to cross, to wonder, to lose, to find, to regain, to disclose, to reveal, to hide, to convey, to guide, to pour, to flow. Of taste, of pressure, of presence, of focus, of action, of notion, of acceptance, of warmth, of benevolence, of sublimity, of causality, of veneration, time, of color, of intensity. To modify, to seize, to fill, to indulge, to influence, to authenticate.

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