Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Hey everyone! Coming up is my first ever NY group show!

SPACEWOMb Gallery is pleased to present ‘ADIEU SEPTEMBER' the final group exhibition in Long Island City.

SPACEWOMb will be moving to Manhattan in the Lower East Side on Stanton Street, and in celebration of our move, we will have our last exhibition at our current Location. There is a variety of works from drawings to sculptures and all the works will be affordable, and priced under $500.

FEATURED ARTISTS: Amy Cohen Banker, Anastasia Teper, Andres Sanchez, Andrew Binder, Anne-Marie Giroux, Atsushi Ohashi, Aubrey Roemer, Betsy Weis, Bosa Grgurevic, Brian Silak, Cathrine Hancher, Daniel C. Boyer, Daniel Contreras, Deborah Druick, Eric Pelka, Erin Starr, Federico Saenz Recio, Gel Jamlang, Hayden John, Hayley Walker, Heiyoung An, Jaynie Crimmins, Jeffrey Katrencik, John Adelman, John Redmann, Jongwang Lee, Junghwa Hyun, Juyoung Kim, Kevin Dao, Kiyoung Kim, Kosuke Kawahara, Kumasi Barnett, LA Vincent, Laura Collins, Leesley, Lisa Bauer, Mariestella Astacio, Marjorie Van Cura, Michela Muserra, Michelle Golden, Midori Okuyama, Mieko Anekawa, Minjie Yoo, Mira Lyu, Pamela Casper, Peter Pryor, Rachel Fagiano, Robyn Thomas, Rubens Lp, Saehwan Lim, Sami Lee Woolhiser, Saori Kurioka, Sarah Wang, Shawn Cornell, Silvia S. Boyer, Thomas Bolger, Tim Schatz, Tom Houston, Torie Tiffany, Tracy Deer, Vitalii Panasyuk, Wendi Gueorgeiev, and Yeleen Lee

Please join us at the opening reception on Saturday, September 14, 6-8 PM!

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