Saturday, October 13, 2012


     This piece is about reacting to what is there and noticing the nooks and the cracks, the things that normally go unnoticed. The length of the thread is continuous throughout the piece as it continues from wall to wall and interacting with objects such as jars, branches and other found objects. These act as events throughout the life of the installation.
     Physically the work does impact the space in any way, it simply weaves in-between, in and out, through and around the stones and walls. Spatially the materials will complement and responding to its location by accentuating and creating contours based on the behavior of the rock.
     The yarn is a parallel to the line of thought; this piece can be experienced meditatively as the viewer follows it from one end to the other or with an interest in the actions and reactions. It is the details and hidden treasures that excite me about this space and this is what I would like to bring to the attention of others so that they may appreciate the grand history of this area and the little (and often overlooked) beautiful things about this picturesque town of Lacoste, France.

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