Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pepakura wolf construction

Assembling and finishing my pepakura wolf! First I began by folding the cardboard pieces and super-gluing the flaps, Prof Scott recommends locktight. I then attached it to a wooden base so that the legs wouldn't pull in when I added material to the exterior. I coated it with a shell of aquaresin and fiberglass, this will make the sculpture waterproof and super strong! It also gives it a cool almost furry texture.
I've started my surfacing of the model with a navy blue underpainting.

Having a blast assembling my pepakura wolf!

Coating it in aquaresin and fiberglass material

Wolf pack baby! Owwoooooo!

Love at first sight!


  1. Great work! Where did you get the pepakura file from? I've been searching everywhere for this.

  2. I actually took the file from a database of pre-existing models, took it into Maya and Rhino to clean up the file and reduce the poly count and then took it into Pepakura.
    I will see if I can find the pepakura file for you.

  3. I apologize to anyone who had their hopes up, because I took the file from a model bank I technically don't own the file and can't just give it out for free. It is a relatively simple design and I believe anyone with a little 3D modeling experience could make it from scratch. Good luck!