Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lick my feet

Hey everyone,
I just recently finished my self-portrait for life painting. It was a life size, full figure. Oil, 4x4 feet.

This painting is obviously a self-portrait, but it is also about my experience in the past year. I am a freshman at SCAD, being barely 18 and coming here in the fall I felt like I was almost forced into "adulthood" and this is my "inner child," if you will, trying to come out. I am still taking my time to grow up, trying to enjoy and get the full experience of college at the same time. This painting expresses that feeling through the humor and whimsicality of it all, the paint application variation in rendering and expressive brush strokes.

Please enjoy.

1 comment:

  1. O: this looks exactly like you!!! (This is Shweta btw...not a random stalker >.> )

    You're skills at art have improved so much ^_^ I didn't even think that that was possible, haha

    <3 Keep painting!